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Massage is done by compressing the SEN energy lines, called "ten Thai massage paths" or "energy paths", aimed at harmonizing and energizing the body. Compressing the points on these pathways stimulates the flow of internal energy (an air element) in the body, directly heals sick organs and glands, and removes toxins. Massages are performed by Thai masseuses and certified masseur, graduated from advanced Thai massages at the most respected school of Thailand, with experiences from China and the Clinic of Traditional Medicine in Mongolia.

Thai aromatic oil massage

Thai aromatic oil massage is a milder form of Thai massage using therapeutic oils and friction touches in combination with acupressure pressures. This massage is a great way to relieve muscle tension, relieve stress, anxiety and thus harmonize body and soul after a tough day. Relax and support the feeling of inner well-being.

Thai back and neck oil massage

Thai relaxing back massage is focused especially on the most stiff and painful parts caused mainly by sitting all day and lack of movement. The combination of oil massage and acupressure techniques removes blockages and relieves tension. This intense, deep massage releases tense muscles, energy blockages, eliminates headaches and pain in cervical spine. It increases the flexibility of the body and provides relief from chronic pain.

Thai foot massage

Thai foot massage includes a relaxing calf massage and is mainly devoted to the feet. It is done with hands and a wooden mallet. On our feet, we can find reflex points of our internal organs. By stimulating, these bodies are harmonized and supported. Foot massage thus affects not only the legs themselves, but reflexively the whole human body. Thai foot massage is ideal for lightening your legs after a whole day stress. It is especially appreciated by those who walk or stand a lot. The massage eliminates feelings of heaviness and fatigue in your legs. It is finished by massaging your neck.

Anti-cellulite and slimming massage

Facial massage

Body treatment using peeling is a thorough cleansing process of the skin. The use of piling is especially beneficial as dead cells are removed making the skin softer, more flexible. And your skin can breathe better. Regular use results in smooth and radiant skin. Facial massage supports blood circulation and rejuvenates the skin. It eliminates fatigue and prevents premature aging. After the massage, the skin is softer, radiant, relaxed and obviously tighter. The facial massage aims at stimulating individual energy points, ending with pressure on the acupressure points located on the face and the neck. As a result, you are relieved from headaches, pain in your neck, cervical spine and your whole body feels relaxed.

Thai oil herbal massage

It is an original traditional Thai procedure, which consists in placing hot bags filled with a special mixture of different aromatic and medicinal herbs on all major muscle groups. It is performed exactly according to the Thai tradition along meridian energy paths. Aromatic substances released from herbs stimulate the natural blood circulation in the body, release blockages, muscle tension, joint stiffness and balance life energy. Subsequent oil massage during which the active ingredients penetrate through the open pores of your skin supports and multiplies the effect of the procedure. As a result, your body is detoxified, toxin are removed from the body as well as pain.

Traditional Thai massage

Nuad Bo-Rarn, or the traditional Thai massage, originated more than 2500 years ago. Originally handed over from teachers to students in Buddhist temple schools. Thanks to popularity, it has spread throughout Thailand and has become a recognized method of maintaining good health worldwide. You can feel the effect of Thai massage on physical, mental and energetic levels. On the physical level, it relieves pain, relieves muscle tension, and relaxes joints, muscles and tendons. Thai massage works with energy pathways, or meridians, where using stretching and acupressure techniques restores energy flow. It contributes to stimulating vitality and strengthening mental balance.